All You Need to Know About RFID Skimming [Infographic]

August 28, 2018
Are you concerned about identity theft? Here are top tips on RFID Skimming to keep your your personal data safe……...
All You Need to Know About RFID Skimming [Infographic] featured image

Are you concerned about identity theft? Here are top tips on RFID Skimming to keep your your personal data safe...

Top Tips On RFID Skimming To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Identity Fraud

Is RFID Skimming real?

What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain
  • Construction
  • Public sectors

Because the technology automates data collection while reducing costs.

Embedded RFID chips appear on or at:

  • On credit/debit cards
  • Parking lots
  • Toll booths
  • Implanted medical records

Since licenses allow accurate, secure, and reliable electronic data collection in real-time, this technology is being used across various industries for planning and operational purposes.

RFID cards emit radio signals, improve the speed, convenience, and security of transactions. More recently, this technology is being employed to read information on

  • Credit cards
  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses

Without the need to scan them through a machine (contactless cards).

However, security experts have pointed out that skimmers and thieves can use RFID readers to access and misuse personal data like:

  • Credit card numbers
  • ATM pins
  • Other sensitive information

Thus, instead of physically stealing wallets, pickpockets can now use RFID skimming to gain access to personal data, duplicate or clone cards, and commit identity frauds.

In fact, RFID Skimming statistics reveal that every two seconds a new case of identity theft is reported in the United States. Moreover, it takes victims nearly three months to smell a rat, with more than 16% of victims unaware of the fraud for three years or more.

The bitter truth about identity theft is that it is next to impossible to completely eliminate. Therefore, it is critical to take pre-emptive steps to ensure that your data does not get compromised.

RFID Blocking Material

Since RFID technology works using radio waves, blocking these data-transmitting signals is one way to protect confidential information from skimmers. Some options:

  • RFID wallet
  • Passport pouches
  • RFID blocking sleeves

These are all designed to insulate RFID-enabled cards, thereby preventing skimmers and e-pickpockets from accessing your private data.

Identity theft is never a welcome situation; hence, it is best to take proactive measures to protect your sensitive information. Regardless of how pervasive identity crimes are, the information shared in the infographic below will help protect your data from commonly-encountered malicious threats.

Use the information shared below to reduce your odds of becoming a victim of identity fraud. You will find interesting insights pertaining to RFID technology and the digital pickpocketing process, thus becoming alert against potential data breaches like hacking, skimming, and phishing.

All You Need to Know About RFID Skimming [Infographic]:

[infographic] Understanding RFID Skimming: It's Time Block your personal data breach
Courtesy of: Bricraft

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