7 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing

February 24, 2017
Already on Facebook and considering new social networks for your business?  Consider Twitter!  This article, with great insight from Brenda…...
7 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing featured image

Already on Facebook and considering new social networks for your business?  Consider Twitter!  This article, with great insight from Brenda Cagara, lists 7 reasons your business needs Twitter marketing...

A Collaborative Post With Brenda Cagara

Are you considering Twitter Marketing for your business?  7 things you'll want to know!

Over time, the trend of tweeting has gained a high pace, and every businessman, digital marketer, and the general public knows that it is not going anywhere in the short-term. In fact, Twitter has established itself as an, effective and highly responsive social media platform in the global market.

Whether you want to get a fashion update or know about the lives of your favorite actor, advertise your product, or make sure your brand's product gets the limelight, Twitter is an ideal platform to do so!

Creatively crafted tweets of 140 characters can do wonders, as we have learned from Twitter. Large and small business owners alike have used this social media platform to their advantage. It’s time every newbie include Twitter in their set of marketing their tools.

All over the world, and even business consultants in Dubai, actually find it quite amazing to leverage the social media network in their favor. Accepting the challenge, most of them are leading the race as well.

Still wondering why you need to establish an active Twitter account?  You’ll find the reasons stated below useful...

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing

Brenda Cagara answers the question: Do you want to beat your competitors with Twitter Marketing? at Idea Girl Media

1) Do you want to beat your competitors?  Start tweeting right away! 

A big nightmare for a business owner is to find his customers inclined towards another business brand. No one likes to lose his customers to another source. This is why it is always good to stay top of mind, and one step ahead of the rest.

The value of social media marketing is now more widely understood.  More and more companies are trying to use it to the fullest potential. Creating an account on Twitter before others in  your niche will give you an advantage of winning over a customer base by connecting with them first. Then the key is publicizing your brand's products and services with the same energy of Twitter itself!

Selecting the perfect media networks plays a vital role in any social media strategy.  While many use Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ for the same purpose, Twitter is a great relationship catalyst.  The relationship - two-way dialog - is essential for your Twitter marketing strategy. 

2) You need a platform to increase your contacts

The more people know you, the better! 

Brenda Cagara outlines how to Increase Your Contacts With Twitter Marketing at Idea Girl MediaThe number of individuals using Twitter is still increasing.  This means if you market your brand's products or services on Twitter, there’s a good chance of getting positive results.

Twitter gives you an opportunity to come in contact with a considerable online population. Your authentic, original post can get views, comments, and can even act as a place where you can communicate with your followers. Establishing a real relationship with your customers is highly sought after, and that is what Twitter helps you to do.

NOTE: Don’t hesitate to ask your followers for retweeting, commenting and sharing your post. This helps in building trust and loyalty.  (However, be aware that asking too often might annoy your followers, so be strategic with your requests).

3) Following the latest marketing trend can lead to success

Twitter Marketing Could Be Your Key To Business Success says Brenda Cagara at Idea Girl MediaTwitter is a top social media marketing domain.  Which is why you need to consider having a presence there. But that's just for starters!  By using hashtags or emoticons in your tweets you can attract more followers.

People like to see new and up-to-the minute things. In general, people are not interested in recycled news, posts, and old-school writing style. Twitter is a platform where you can show how exquisite your brand's product really is.

4) Twitter Marketing is a good way to drive targeted traffic to your products or services

One BIG thing business owners want?  Website traffic!

The more the people visit your website or the social media page, the better. Another thing to keep Idea Girl Media helps you understand that Twitter Marketing is a good way to drive targeted traffic to your products or services, explained by Brenda Cagarain mind is your targeted audience.  Website visitors won’t have interest in your products or services unless they are responding to correct details, and information leading to what will solve their problem.  Thus, you can use Twitter to drive targeted traffic to your website or e-store through carefully composed tweets with links.

Using SEO techniques and tweets with your brand's key words also helps you get a higher rank on Google’s search engine. Reaching the first page is possible - Isn’t that what you want?  :)

Use the Twitter search bar as well. It provides a path to finding your target audience, as well as potential collaborators.  You'll also increase your Twitter marketing skills and become pretty savvy on the platform.

5) Twitter marketing can be a better way to reach your audience than advertising

Twitter marketing can be a better way to reach your audience than advertising as outlined by Brenda Cagara at Idea Girl MediaAccording to some marketing professionals, customers  to use social media networks more often for enjoyment than they will respond to official brand advertisements or online display ads.  Unless you are using re-targeting in your Twitter marketing strategy, this means that the chances your customer will come in contact with your brand online is if you update your Twitter regularly.

From there, it becomes about being online when your target customer is online and tweeting with the right message at the right time. The sooner you set your Twitter marketing strategy, the better!

6) Twitter users shop online more often than users on other media networks

Increasing sales and the return on investment is the ultimate goal of every business. Development of e-commerce is one way for brands to increase sales.

More than 500 million tweets are sent each day.  More twitter basics data suggests:

  • 66% of Twitter users have discovered a new small or medium-sized business (SMB) on Twitter
  • 94% of the customers on Twitter plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow
  • 69% purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter

Twitter seems like a wise network for businesses to spend time on, doesn't it?  

"No matter what type of business you are — from a large retailer to a freelance designer; from a B2B software provider to a mobile app company — you can use Twitter to build meaningful connections with a relevant and engaged audience. These connections can lead to actions across a network of loyal customers for your business."  ~Twitter For Business

A smart Twitter marketing strategy would be to encourage followers to shop at your online store by periodically tweeting your product page links.  

[caption id="attachment_5607" align="aligncenter" width="600"]At Idea Girl Media, Brenda Cagara explains how Twitter users shop online more often users on other media networks image credit: blog.twitter.com[/caption]

7) Twitter analytics - A way to maximize your Twitter marketing opportunity 

Like any other form of marketing, you will want to track your ROI with Twitter marketing.

Twitter analytics - A way to maximize your Twitter marketing opportunity explained at Idea Girl Media by Brenda CagaraTwitter offers a analytics tool with your account. It allows you to:

  • Evaluate your tweets
  • See the response your tweets are getting
  • Identify areas for improvement  

You can also discover the demographics of your audience and the type of content they react to.  Of the Twitter marketing tools, this one is convenient because it is right on the Twitter platform.

Once you are comfortably familiar, you can re-tweet successful posts, and compose optimal templates for tweet content.  In turn, you will create new ways to attract a more targeted audience to your brand!  Do it yourself, or partner with a marketer that offers Twitter marketing service.

Summing Up Why Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing

You need to focus your energy in the right direction to reap numerous benefits.  Not surprisingly, Twitter is a social media star of many social media marketing portfolios.

The seven reasons given above are enough to trigger your successful Twitter marketing. No one likes to miss out, and every business leader looks for innovative ways to market their products and services.

Brenda Cagara - Twitter MarketingAuthor Bio

Brenda has been writing for websites' articles and blogs for five years.  She has written for a variety of niches but her main focus is business, social media, and finance. Currently, she is working with Riz & Mona in Dubai, a company that facilitates business set-up, company formation, as well as visa, banking, and licensing requirements in all states of the United Arab Emirates.  Connect with her on Twitter and Google+

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