5 Ways You Can Improve Your Ecommerce Website

December 10, 2016
If you are looking for answers on how to ensure the best user experience for your customers online and how…...
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If you are looking for answers on how to ensure the best user experience for your customers online and how to grow e-commerce business, here, our guest author, Francisco Macia, outlines 5 ways to improve your ecommerce website.

Guest post & Infographic by Francisco Macia

Want to improve your ecommerce website and discover how to grow ecommerce sales?

Shopping nowadays is a variable experience, shopping preferences are being moved towards the internet. Customers have so many options to chose from when they want to buy a new outfit, electronics, and even transportation. The internet has brought out a new side of competition for brick and mortar stores.

The attention span of a client can oftentimes be low, therefore as a seller you need to get creative and resourceful to make sure your customers do not leave your page and purchase from your competitor.

You may be wondering what you can do as a seller to make sure that your business provides a the best user experience for your customers.

This article will answer that, and help you improve your ecommerce website by also answering the following questions: 

  • What ecommerce marketing strategy should you be applying?
  • How to improve ecommerce sales?
  • How to increase ecommerce traffic?

You will also find an Infographic to complement details outlined below. 

Francisco Macia explains how to grow ecommerce sales at Idea Girl Media

5 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Website

1. Optimize your site

Your website must be comfortable and easy to explore.  The tools and sections like search have to be intuitive and efficient. Remember that you are emulating the physical shopping experience and enhancing it, therefore your site has to be top-notch.

There are some easy points to achieve this.  First, make sure your website loads fast. Customers can get distracted easily, so if your site takes too much time to load, they will simply go elsewhere. Another thing you need to be sure of: Your website is responsive to mobile devices. With the advancements of technology nowadays, more people are using their mobile devices to surf the internet and to do their online purchases.

2. Less is more (usually)

Remember that your main goal is to maintain your customer’s attention and keep them interested. If there is too much text explaining your product or service, too many videos, or too many images cluttering the page, then they may lose their attention to what you are actually selling. To avoid this, try applying the ‘less is more’ strategy. Cut out the excessive content that overloads your audience with too much information. Aim for quality content over quantity.

3. Show off your reviews

Now that you have your customer’s attention you need to make sure they choose you, and in order to choose you they must trust you. Your customer reviews will help you build this trust and portray a professional image to your new clients. Internet shopping has seen a lot of scams, so everyone is very careful when choosing an online store. The fact that real people are talking about their experience with your company will provide a connection that will feel more real to new buyers. 

Francisco Macia explains why it is important to choose your ecommerce photos carefully for Idea Girl Media

4. Choose your ecommerce photos carefully

As you may know, everything comes through the eyes first, therefore you need to choose wisely which images you will put up as the storefront of your business. Using poor quality pictures may show you don’t care enough for your business. On the other hand good, clear professional-looking pictures will give you status and will show a quality storefront for your products and or services.

One thing to remember is that your clients will always want to see pictures of whatever they may be purchasing.

Product photography is something you should consider. Professional photos for your website will encourage customers to trust you while creating a concept around your product or service, and can even make them feel like they are in a physical store.

5. Customer service is a must!

Continuing with the goal of looking professional and encouraging your customers to trust you, it is crucial that it is easy for your clients to contact you. Contact information on your website should be easy to find at all times.  They should be able to locate:

  • A telephone number
  • An e-mail address
  • A form for your clients to fill out 

TIP: After they fill out the form, it should optimally inform customers when will they be contacted back (12 hours, 1 to 2 days), remember that it is important to make them feel special.

Another great option is to install a live chat for your customers to interact with you. This will improve their shopping experience greatly. Also many times solves any doubts they may have. Also, it can be a window for you to receive feedback or suggestions about your products, your website, or prices.

Your goal must always be making your customer’s experience the best experience possible. Consider adding:

  • Free shipping
  • FAQ section
  • Instant quotes
  • A blog

Stand out and be different from the rest of the companies in your industry. Nothing stays the same forever.  Changing the look of your website or adding new images will keep your customers coming back for more.

Most importantly, always give the best customer service.

What other ideas can you think of for making your ecommerce site grow?  The Infographic below may spark some ecommerce marketing ideas for you!

Improve Your Ecommerce Website - An Infographic

5 Ways You Can Improve your E-Commerce Site photo 5WaysYouCanImproveYourEcommerceSite - INFOGRAPHIC.png

Francisco Macia, guest post author at Idea Girl Media

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