5 Ways To Create Marketing Campaigns Customers Will Remember

January 30, 2018
If your goal is executing successful marketing campaign strategies, here are 5 ways to create marketing campaigns customers will remember…...
5 Ways To Create Marketing Campaigns Customers Will Remember featured image

If your goal is executing successful marketing campaign strategies, here are 5 ways to create marketing campaigns customers will remember so you can increase brand awareness and grow your business...

Curious how to create a marketing campaign plan? These five tips will help you create marketing campaigns that win more customers.

Every brand will want to create an unforgettable marketing campaign. Yet, this can sometimes feel easier said than done. With so much competition within your industry, you might be struggling to stand apart from your online rivals.

This article simplifies 5 ways to create marketing campaigns customers will remember. 

Focus on Fewer Channels 

Many businesses make the big mistake of spreading themselves too thin when marketing their brand.

Rather than attempting to reach every customer on multiple marketing channels, refine your marketing campaigns by focusing on fewer networks. This will allow you to concentrate on reaching audiences on the best platforms. What’s more, you can increase your ad budget across the channels to capitalize on its social power.

If you are too segmented, you could negatively damage a strong marketing campaign. 

Create Marketing Campaigns With Quality Video Marketing

Video marketing campaigns are on the rise, and for good reason. According to recent statistics, video marketing has increased dwell time on a website by 80%, while a reported 81% of people were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Companies who want to develop creative, engaging and memorable marketing campaigns should, therefore, start producing quality video campaigns to increase customer engagement. Consider creating your brand’s first video with the help of Working Beautifully.

Form Partnerships

How would you like to develop a creative ad campaign for a fraction of the cost while improving your reach? All you need to do is form partnerships with other brands.

Co-op advertising will allow both companies to generate a joint marketing campaign for print, broadcast or digital media. The partnership could help your brand in a few key ways:

  • Remain top of mind with your customers
  • Benefit from each other’s positive reputation within the industry
  • Increase your visibility and reach with regular promotions on multiple channels

Additionally, you could incorporate other brands into your marketing campaigns at no cost on the proviso they spread the good word about your services via their own marketing platforms.

Test, Measure And Alter Campaigns

Many marketers are often deflated when a seemingly strong marketing campaign drops likes a lead balloon. However, don’t be disheartened if a strategy fails to engage your audience. Simply test, monitor and alter campaigns when necessary, so you can improve your reach.

A few small adjustments could be all it takes to effectively promote your marketing campaign. At the very least, understanding key metrics can help your brand learn from its mistakes to develop a stronger strategy in the future.

Produce Evergreen Content

Time-sensitive marketing campaigns will come with a shelf-life, which means you will only be able to directly communicate with your audience for a short period of time. Prolong your shelf-life by producing evergreen content to ensure people will enjoy your marketing campaigns two or three years down the line, so your business can increase its organic growth.

Successful marketing campaign strategies look for quick wins but also ensure your company's long-term success.


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