4 Trendy Office Ideas To Boost Productivity

March 27, 2017
Are you looking for new ways to boost your productivity?  Always, right?  Here are 4 trendy office ideas to boost…...
4 Trendy Office Ideas To Boost Productivity featured image

Are you looking for new ways to boost your productivity?  Always, right?  Here are 4 trendy office ideas to boost productivity for entrepreneurs, managers, and virtual teams...

Are you looking for new ways to boost productivity?

Your office affects your productivity far more than you think. Studies show that office design can affect a person’s work performance by as much as 20%. Moreover, bad office design leads to lost productivity and missed opportunities, costing businesses an estimated $300 billion annually.

Aside from affecting your productivity, your workspace affects the way your co-workers see you. According to Forbes.com, 57% of Americans judge their co-workers by looking at their desks. If your desk is messy and disorganized, it will reflect on your reputation.

You won’t want your team to think you’re a slob, do you?

If that isn’t enough to consider, a poorly-designed and cluttered office can endanger your health. OfficeVibe reports that 1 million US employees miss work each day because of office-related stress.


Your office environment really is a factor that may (or may not) boost productivity.

This article will explore ways to increase productivity at work for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Virtual Teams

If you’re looking for ways to improve your workplace, here are 4 trendy office ideas to boost productivity...

How To Boost Productivity At Work

1) Be Plant-astic

Plants are good, not only in the outdoors, but indoors as well. Keeping small plants and greens by your desk has been proven to boost your mood and increase your creativity by 15%.

Worried about spending too much time maintaining your indoor garden? Invest in low maintenance plants such as succulents and mosses. These plants deliver the same therapeutic effects and require half the effort to maintain.

Get in touch with your inner green thumb and watch your productivity soar!

2) Light The Way

A well-lit office can improve job satisfaction by 24%, increase employee productivity by 16%, and reduce absenteeism. Furthermore,, having proper lighting can improve alertness, boost mood, and curb depression.

Switch out harsh fluorescent lights for LEDs and halogen bulbs. Even better? Open your windows and let natural light in. The human eye is trained to respond and adapt to sunlight, so it’s better to keep artificial lighting to a minimum.

Bonus: This helps you save on electricity costs too.

If you don’t have access to a window get a smart lamp that adjusts its light according to your surroundings. This will help balance out harsh light and give you and ambience that is easy on your eyes.

Still having a hard time with your lighting?  Common Desk provides individuals and teams with a well-designed and well-lit virtual office perfect for all kinds of work.

3) The Cold Should Never Bother You Anyway

If your office feels like the North Pole, you’re doing it wrong. Most office spaces rely on central air-conditioning that is often too cold.

Scientists from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University found that the optimal office temperature is somewhere around 78F. Any colder or warmer and it starts to get uncomfortable. Dial down (or dial up, depending on your situation) and keep your office temperature at optimal levels. Not only does this help you be more productive, it also keeps your electricity bill to a minimum.

4) Unleash Your Inner Artist To Boost Productivity

Art has tremendous therapeutic qualities. So much so that 83% of employees consider art as valuable to the work environment and another 73% acknowledge the influence art has on their work. Stay inspired and decorate your workplace with some good art. At the very least, this gives you some conversation pieces when you have clients and visitors over.

Looking for a place to be productive? Check out Common Desk for an office for rent. These workspaces will give you just the environment you need to stay productive.


We've offered a few ideas on how to increase productivity in the workplace...

What will you try?  Which ideas will help you boost productivity?  :)

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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