4 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Social Media On A Holiday

May 30, 2011
My theme word for 2011 is Refresh – So with everything I do, I’m keeping that in mind… If you’re…...
4 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Social Media On A Holiday featured image

Idea Girl Media recommends doing 4 simple things to do on a holiday to stay ahead of your friends on social media!

My theme word for 2011 is Refresh - So with everything I do, I'm keeping that in mind...

If you're like me, you are always on the look out for easy ways to bring effectiveness to your social media efforts.

Sometimes those are reminders.

Other times there are new tips & tricks available.

Occasionally, tuning up the old and trying a few things new is the groovy ticket!

So, take just a few quick minutes...

And get ahead of your friends (while they're laying on the beach or carelessly meandering through their day)...

4 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Social Media On A Holiday

1. Join a LinkedIn Group

You probably have a LinkedIn profile, and some established connections.  But have you checked in lately?

Yes, LinkedIn is now public, and talk of their IPO is still fresh.  But you may not be aware that aside from being a great place to keep your resume updated, LinkedIn is also a terrific online portal to gain credibility as a professional in your field.

The average salary of professionals on LinkedIn is about $109,000 per year. So your chances of connecting and collaborating with people that could make a difference to your future are high.  LinkedIn Groups are full of people already interacting!

Here's the LinkedIn Groups Directory.  There, you'll see some popular suggested professional groups.  But you can also do a search for other groups by profession, area of interest, and you can even create a group if you don't find one you like!

Steps to take:

  • Ask questions.
  • Answer questions.
  • Share information.
  • Network!

2. Read: "The 11 Defining Social Media And Technology Trends In 2011"

A *must-read* by Simply Zesty - A credible hub for online PR & social media.  The article covers tablets, mobile apps, where the money is, new media empires, and more!

3. Sign up for an informational webinar

Every week professionals in all niches of social media and Internet marketing are sharing their knowledge through webinars.  Many good sessions out there -- The twitter stream is a great source to begin a search.

Not sure how the resource will stack up? Feel free to tweet me, and I'll give you what insight I can on the presenter or group host.

4. Join a Triberr Tribe

Are you a blogger?  Would you like more readers and greater reach to an additional audience?

Triberr is known as "The Reach Multiplier."

Quite simply, every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe.

The best part??  It all happens...."automagically!"

It is reasonable to expect to quickly increase your blog's audience by 50,000 to 200,000 people or more.  PLUS - You can be the chief of your own tribes too!!

Tribes I belong to:

Email me, tweet me, or send a message to me here, and I will happily help you find the right tribe for your interests!  :)

* Which tip above is the most helpful to you?

* Will you be trying any of them before you head out the door to gatherings and celebrations?

This information is meant to be shared, so please tell share as you will and put your thoughts in the comments box below.


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