January 6, 2011
I’m not one for new year’s resolutions.  As life evolves over a year period, I find them limiting and I…...
2011: REFRESH featured image

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I'm not one for new year's resolutions.  As life evolves over a year period, I find them limiting and I usually abandon them.  So, over time, I had just stopped setting them.

2011 holds so many possibilities!  With re-tooling and re-branding I feel such an energy to capitalize on all that comes with that and comes my way!!  Though I'm pretty confident a resolution is not going to define my success.

Over the the holidays I was reading blogs of those I admire.  A friendly email led me to Mari Smith's.  I'm a HUGE fan of hers!  She always has good insight and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Check this out: Mari has chosen to go with a one-word theme as she begins a new year.  Interesting?  It was to me!

As I read her post I became more and more intrigued with this idea.  One word that sets the tone and molds one's thoughts and actions for the next twelve months.  Mari had success with this in the past.  Surely this could work for me too, right?

Allowing myself to be influenced, I began considering what word could possibly be the 'magic one.'  I even searched inspirational words to brainstorm.  To Mari's post, I eventually left the following comment:

"Mari, thank you for your email today. I might not have chosen a word if it weren't for your message.

For a time, I had to set-aside a lot of what I did and what I was about for the greater good of my family unit. Admittedly, concerning processes, a lot of what I like and is healthy for me got....'dusty.'  I'm in a position now to jump back on track. And I'm looking forward to that.

So, my one-word theme for 2011: Refresh.


To that, Mari brought up the image of a big REFRESH button to press anytime I needed.  I liked that too, and found an image in hues of my favorite colors that also compliments my new branding.  So, now I have a word AND a symbol!  :)

Purple Refresh icon

I'm good to go for the new year, and will report back on how it all goes.

Curious: How are you approaching 2011?  Did you set a new year's resolution?  Did you choose a one-word theme?  What is your method of keeping yourself on-track and achieving success?

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